Where Does Propane Come From?

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Almost all of the propane that we use is made in America, and most of it comes from the production of natural gas. When we take natural gas out of the earth, it is a mix of different gases. One of these gases is propane.

Natural gas can only get to your home through an underground pipeline. If something goes wrong with that pipeline, you can’t get any gas. Propane gas is easier to move around because it gets compressed until it turns into a liquid. It is then put inside tanks and we can deliver it right to your home.

When you turn on an appliance, the propane gets released slowly and safely from the tank and goes through a valve, which is when the liquid propane turns into a gas again. At that point, it’s similar to natural gas, again, but it can be used for many different applications, in homes, in businesses and on farms and wineries.