Outdoor Heating and Cooking Specialists

Whether your family is on the patio or in the woods, Allied can help you stay warm and well fed. Outdoor kitchens are particularly popular in the California Wine Country — an outdoor patio heater will warm your guests during chilly evenings, while they sip Napa Valley wine and enjoy a robust dinner cooked on your gas grill!

Many products listed below are available to see in our showrooms.

Allied services and guarantees all products we sell, and we carry parts for replacement.

Outdoor propane heating products

  • Lava Heat Italia — High-quality patio and table heaters from 1,500 watts to 66,000 BTU
  • Mr. Heater — Forced-air and tank-top heaters
  • Red Dragon Torches —The perfect hand-held propane torch kit for home and garden weed control

Outdoor propane cooking products

  • Camp Chef — Today’s best smokers, fire pits, camping stoves
  • Mr. Heater — Cast iron and stainless steel portable stoves
  • TEC Infrared Grills — Portable and built-in patio charbroil models
  • Manchester Tank — Propane tanks for BBQs, boats, and RVs

Propane piping available

Need to run a propane line for your new built-in patio BBQ or outdoor fireplace? We offer complete gas piping design and installation.

Stop in for a portable propane tank refill

We always enjoy customer visits to our locations, and will gladly provide a quick refill, unscheduled while you wait, during our regular business hours.

Need outdoor heating or cooking products and service?

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