Propane Irrigation Engines

Are you using diesel fuel to power your irrigation engines? You’re probably spending more than you should. A recent study showed that California farmers who installed propane-powered irrigation engines reduced their fuel costs by a whopping 56 percent, compared with similar diesel-powered engines. Farmers who participated in the study also reduced their overall fuel consumption by 37 percent per hour.*

More advantages

Propane irrigation engines

  • There are no tiers for propane irrigation engines, which are both CARB and EPA certified.
  • Lower purchase price. Propane irrigation engines cost less than the new high-tier diesel engines and offer generous rebates too.
  • Propane will not leak into the ground or degrade in the tank like diesel does; it’s also less prone to theft.
  • Wireless remote propane tank monitoring system eliminates runouts.
  • Fast, affordable installations for stationary or portable units.
  • Reliable, clean-burning, uncomplicated, quiet operation and long equipment life.

Propane vs. Electricity

Propane irrigation engines can also be less costly to operate than electric units. Install them anywhere you want; with no rolling blackouts, no surcharges for time of use, no price fluctuations and no poles or lines! Our product line includes propane engine generator sets (go off the grid and keep your electric pump!)

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*Source: Propane Education and Research Council 2013 study, produced from the 2013 Propane Farm Incentive Program.