Frost Protection

Are you a vineyard manager or farmer who protects your vines and other crops from sudden, damaging cold with wind machines?

If you are not currently using wind machines, you should consider them, since they automatically start when temperatures reach a targeted low temperature. Their propellers circulate warmed air through the fields and prevent frost from forming and damaging crops.

Allied wind machine support includes:

  • Variably sized tanks — To provide you a choice of fill capacities
  • Piping from tank to wind machine — For continual, dependable operation
  • Automatic tank monitoring and delivery — So you never run out of propane when you need it most

So take the worry out of keeping your wind machines running — with Allied propane support services.

Sponsors of the Frost Alert Program

The Frost Alert Program is operated by Napa Valley Grapegrowers.

The program’s mission is to alert vineyard managers when the temperature may be dropping dangerously low, and to make sure their wind machines are in place and ready to operate.

Allied helps pay for this program on behalf of our vineyard customers, because of its critical importance to their success and to the livelihoods of the greater Northern California vineyard community.

Need propane services for frost protection?

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help keep your wind machines running and your crops warm with propane tanks and fuel delivery. We will gladly provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE.

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