CETP and Gas CheckTM Expert Technicians

When it comes to propane safety and training programs, the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is the recognized leader in our industry.

We require all Allied employees to go through PERC training, and they must continue to take classes to keep their certifications. 

By our actively participating in PERC training programs and certifications, you can be confident in knowing the Allied professional working on your appliancesinstalling your tanks, or delivering your propane is 100% trained in all propane handling best practices.

Certified Employee Training Program (CETP)

Required by eight states and used by propane marketers nationwide, PERC’s Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) has become the industry’s flagship curriculum in workforce training and certification. With proven teaching materials and extensive documentation, CETP helps satisfy training requirements mandated by DOT, OSHA and NFPA.

We take this certification very seriously and consider it the highest, most mandatory certification one should have to work professionally in our field.

Gas Appliance System Check (Gas CheckTM)

This inspection program was developed by PERC in partnership with the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA). It provides the latest guidelines on how experts should perform two important types of residential safety inspections:

  • “Gas System Check” of the gas delivery system — Including containers, regulators and accessories
  • “Gas Appliance System Check” — For both the gas delivery system and all propane-burning appliances

Launched in 1985, GAS Check™ signified the beginning of an industry-wide effort to help reduce residential accidents involving propane. Developed by a team of industry volunteers, the revised GAS Check™ Inspection Program responds to changes in the propane industry and appliances.

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