Customer Reviews

We pride ourselves on our customer service, and are grateful for the countless customers who have joined us via family or friend referrals.

While it would be daunting to publish all the good things said about us by our residential, commercial, agriculture, and construction customers, here are a representative few, with other referrals available upon request:

“Top-notch Service”

We have been using Allied Propane Service for about 5 years. Allied’s service has always been top notch, and the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable.

— Betty & Gerald Johnson, Homeowners, Napa, CA

“Always Prompt”

As a winery that strives for outstanding customer service, it is easy to recognize great service from others. Allied is always prompt, even in short notice situations. A great business requires great service, and great service only comes from great people.

— Ryan Ruhl, Manager, Visitor Center Operations, Darioush Winery, Napa Valley, CA

“Excellent Parts Support”

During the 28 years I was involved with ground support equipment (GSE) at United Airlines at SFO, we enjoyed an excellent working relationship with Allied Propane. With Allied, it’s not just about supplying LPG fuel. My sense has always been that fair pricing, prompt service, excellent parts support, and a genuine willingness to provide training, guidance and technical support, are the cornerstones of what Allied Propane Service is all about.

— Bob Colpitts, GSE Maintenance Manger, Retired, United Airlines
(United remains an Allied Propane customer after more than 30 years)

“No-worry Propane Service”

In the winery business, we worry about a lot of things. However, with the dependability and service we receive from Allied, our propane service is one thing we never have to worry about.

— Sally & Fred Schweiger, Schweiger Vineyard & Winery
(Allied Propane customer since 1992)

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