What’s New in 2016?

Dustin Kaiser

Dear Friends,

If you’ve been at our headquarters on Devlin Road in Napa recently, you’ve probably noticed the progress we’ve been making with the construction of our Clean Fuels Plaza right next door. We expect to open the plaza this summer.

True to its name, the Clean Fuels Plaza will provide a full range of clean-burning fuels, including propane Autogas, diesel, liquid natural gas and compressed natural gas. There will also be a Tesla super-charging station, which can get your electric vehicle 80% charged in just 20 minutes! You’ll also find a convenience store and a retail fueling station at the plaza.

Besides this exciting project, we have expanded our product line to include propane powered irrigation engines for our agricultural customers as well as Kohler stand-by propane generators for homes, businesses, farms and wineries.

Available in 8.5 kW to 100 kW output capacities, Kohler generators feature an automatic transfer switch that starts the generator to restore electricity within seconds of a power loss.

You can trust the installation experts at Allied Propane Service to install your generator with care and professionalism. Why rely on noisy, noxious portable gasoline generators when there’s a clean, quiet, energyefficient — and more powerful — solution available?

Please contact us today to learn more.


Dustin Kaiser
Operations Manager