Are You Running Low on Fuel?

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If you don’t get automatic deliveries and prefer to call in your order, please don’t wait until your tank gets too low before you alert us. We need about 10 business days to schedule your fill-up, and especially around the holidays you risk running out of fuel if you let your tank get too low.

It’s always best to call us as soon as your tank reaches about 25% capacity. If your tank gets empty, not only do you face the expense of an emergency fill-up, but there’s a loss of pressure in your tank that could result in leaks. We have to run mandatory pressure tests and relight your equipment after we fill your tank.

Rather than worrying about watching your tank and calling us to request deliveries, why not sign up for our automatic delivery service? We guarantee that you won’t run out of fuel. We use a proven system that takes into account your typical usage, the weather and other factors to make sure we deliver on time.

For even more accuracy and peace of mind, we can install a wireless tank monitor to track your fuel levels. Call us today for details or to sign up for automatic deliveries.