Propane Does It All for You!

Propane enhances your comfort in ways that other fuels cannot! This American-made fuel is clean-burning, safe, economical and highly efficient, whether you use it inside or outside your home. What’s not to like?

Make the most of the great outdoors

Fire bowl

No other fuel can do as much as propane can to make spending time in your backyard a pleasant experience. And thanks to modern advances in flexible piping, you can now extend your use of propane to a wide range of outdoor products, even refrigerators and fireplaces!

Among the most popular trends today are “outdoor rooms,” particularly kitchens that feature everything from high-end grills to cooktops, ovens and rotisseries.

Also hot in 2016 are propane-fueled fire bowls, which allow you to enjoy a cozy fire year-round. A large one can be used as a centerpiece for your yard, or you can set up a series of small ones around the pool or at the entry of your home to wow your party guests. Many models have ignition systems that can be turned on and off with a smartphone or tablet.

Summer safety tips

Summertime means backyard barbecues, lounging in your pool and hanging out with friends on your patio or deck. That’s the fun part. Summer also means being prepared for violent storms that could knock out your power and damage your property. Here are a few tips to help you cope with extreme weather this summer.

  • Discuss an emergency plan with your family — including instructions on how to turn off propane systems during a power outage.
  • Once the storm passes, check your appliances for water or other damage. Never turn on a light switch, use a power source or inspect your appliances while you are standing in water. You run the risk of electrocution.
  • Ask us to inspect your appliances if you believe they have been damaged.
  • If you have a separate tank for your propane generator, check it today and call us for a fill-up if necessary. You never want a power outage to occur and discover that you don’t have enough fuel to run your generator.
  • Don’t operate your outdoor appliances and generators in enclosed spaces — you run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • If you smell propane in your home, leave your house immediately and call for help.

Propane water heaters: clean and efficient

Propane is a green fuel

Did you know that clean-burning, efficient propane is much friendlier to the environment than electricity? Comparing the effects of a propane tankless water heater with those of a standard electric water heater can really help you appreciate the difference.

When you use a propane tankless unit to heat your water, very little fuel is wasted in the combustion process.

When you use an electric water heater, about two-thirds of the energy used by a power plant to generate and transmit the electricity goes to waste.

That’s why propane tankless water heaters overall produce about 50% fewer carbon emissions than an electric water heater with a storage tank.

With a tankless water heater, you’ll also prevent the wasteful “standby losses” you get with the typical water heater with a tank.

Please contact us to learn more about the many ways you can use environmentally friendly propane at home. We’ll be glad to answer your questions and share expert advice.

What is your water heater telling you?

Studies have shown that 7 out of 10 water heater failures are caused by a tank bursting or failing. If you notice a slow leak from your tank, this means you’re headed for trouble. In most cases, a slow leak indicates that your tank has become weakened by corrosion.

Water heater technician

The average water heater lasts anywhere from 7 to 13 years. A lot depends on the quality of the unit itself, but water quality in your area is important too. Hard water, which has a high mineral content, can shorten the life of a water heater.

other trouble signs

  • If it takes longer to heat water than it used to, or the water doesn’t get as hot, it’s a good sign you are ready for a new unit.
  • Look for rust on the tank or in your tap water. (A water tank rusts from the inside out.)

There are many different options available today, including propane tankless/on-demand water heaters. Please contact us if you would like to learn which water heating option might be best for you and your family.

The best thing to do if you notice a leak is to turn the tank’s water supply valve to the off position and then get it inspected as soon as possible.