New Software Delivers a Better Customer Experience

Our new software makes doing business with us easier than ever!

We make an ongoing effort to identify resources that can help us provide excellent service to our customers. This effort can encompass training, equipment or any other innovation that will help us do our job better.

Recently, we invested in a new suite of software that meets these criteria. Our new system integrates all the parts of our back-office operations so they operate smoothly together, streamlining accounting and delivery, for example, and allowing us to keep better track of your fuel use, so we can be certain you’ll never run out. It will also allow us to set up paperless billing and create online accounts so you can view statements online anytime.

There’s a lot of buzz around here when we add a new vehicle to our fleet, or when we purchase a new piece of equipment, but our new software promises to have a much bigger impact on customer service than a new truck; it’s a proven system, designed just for companies like Allied who are in the business of keeping customers comfortable and safe.

While our new system may be invisible to you as a customer, you will certainly benefit from the higher level of service it will allow us to provide.