Long-Term Outlook for Propane Looks Bright

Dustin Kaiser

The new American energy revolution has created a huge surge in propane produced in the United States! Abundant supply usually translates to stable prices, and that has given customers good reasons to smile lately.

Unfortunately, if prices do go up again, the perception will persist that propane dealers do better when that happens. Actually, the opposite is usually true. When prices rise like they did during the winter of 2013–14, it’s because the wholesale cost of the product has jumped, and we need to pay a lot more for it. It’s like when you see orange juice or coffee prices go up. It’s not the local grocery store that’s profiting.

Now that we have returned to a sense of normalcy, the long-term prospects for propane use have never been brighter. Propane will continue to provide Californians with a clean, efficient, American-made solution for keeping families comfortable — as well as for fueling cars and fl eets and supporting farmers’ success.

And best of all, you will have us right beside you, always willing and able to help you get the most out of your fuel while keeping your family comfortable and safe. Speaking of safety, we have once again been honored with the Excellence in Risk Management award from Energi.


Dustin Kaiser
Operations Manager