Keeping You Safe After The Earthquake

As our area recovers from the strongest earthquake since 1989, our thoughts go out to the many families and businesses that suffered damages. The quake affected nearly half of our customers, and we fielded hundreds of calls from people concerned about their gas lines and propane storage tanks. Our team worked long hours to get to everyone so we could check their lines and tanks and make sure they stayed safe in their homes.

After the cold winter, the losses from the earthquake have only compounded the challenges faced by our many agricultural customers, along with the business community at large. Just as we worked hard to help our customers protect crops and vines from unexpected cold, we have taken all of the steps necessary to do whatever we can to help with the earthquake recovery.

That goes for all our customers: Your safety is always our number one concern. We can help you add safety measures for your equipment and assist with other preparations so you can be ready for the next geological disruption.

Remember, we are always here for you and are happy to answer any questions you may have about your comfort and safety.


Dustin Kaiser
Operations Manager