Fleet Fueling around the Clock

Pacific Pride

Many of our commercial customers already enjoy convenient services such as bulk fuel delivery and cylinder-exchange programs for forklifts. Now we’ve raised the bar higher with our new Pacific Pride fleet-fueling terminal, which offers even more value and helps you save money on fuel costs and manage your expenses more easily.

A card-lock system takes the headache out of tracking fueling expenses that can be hard to manage, even with a small vehicle fleet. When you sign up for a Pacific Pride card-lock account, each driver gets a card that can be used at designated stations. It works like a debit card: Drivers swipe their card, enter their PIN and fuel up.

You get regular bills that can show driver ID, time and location of purchase, fuel information, and even automated miles-per-gallon calculations.

At our Clean Fuels Plaza, you can purchase regular gas, diesel or propane autogas. For maximum convenience, your cards work at a nationwide network of stations.

Call us for more details or request an application today.