Customer Gets Back Her Hot Water

Having your morning shower run ice cold may not be the worst thing that can happen to you, but it’s still not a pleasant experience. A few months ago, Mary W., who had an electric water heater, noticed that she was having the cold-shower problem more and more often.

“My electric bills were getting higher too,” Mary said. “I figured something must be wrong with the electric water heater because I didn’t have this problem before.”

We checked out her water heater and found it was mechanically sound. After talking with Mary for a few minutes, we discovered the reason that her hot water kept disappearing.

Mary told us that her son Michael and his wife Rosie had recently moved in because Michael had been laid off from his job.

the problem

Mary’s electric water heater could only “recover” 40 gallons of hot water each hour—not very much since a 4-minute shower can use as much as 20 gallons of hot water. As a solution, we installed a propane water heater, which heats nearly twice the amount of water per hour than an electric water heater—and does it at a much lower cost.

If you’ve been running out of hot water or you’re looking at high utility bills every month, the solution to your problem may be propane. Call us and we’ll be glad to discuss your options in water heaters—including tankless units that qualify for a 30% tax credit.