Clean Fuels: The Future of Vehicle Fueling

We’re pleased to offer all clean fuels available today to both our commercial and our residential customers — all in one accessible location at the Allied Clean Fuels Plaza in Napa.

For example, the Chevron fuel island there includes renewable diesel — a nonpetroleum biomass-derived vehicle fuel suitable for use in diesel engines. It generates fewer carbon dioxide emissions than petroleum-based diesel.

Customers enrolled in our fleet-fueling program also have access to the Pacific Pride Station, which offers propane autogas, along with other fuels. You fill your vehicle’s autogas tank with a pump and a nozzle very similar to what you have been using for years at a service station that sells gasoline and diesel fuel. But like renewable diesel, autogas produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than gasoline or conventional diesel fuel.

Our Clean Fuels Plaza also has a Tesla eight-vehicle charging station and an upscale convenience store. Stop by and see us sometime!