Ask the Expert


Q: Why do portable cylinders need to be re-certified?

A: Re-certifying your propane cylinder is a simple test that we perform to make sure your portable tank conforms to Department of Transportation safety standards. All portable propane tanks must be re-certified for use if:

  • It has been 12 years or more since the tank was manufactured.
  • It has been 5 years since the tank was last certified.
  • The tank has damage (dents, broken collar, etc.)

Depending on the age of the tank, the re-certification may include upgrading it with a new valve called an overfill prevention device. As the name implies, this valve is a protective device that prevents a propane cylinder from being overfilled.

The manufacturer date and last date of re-certification can be found on your cylinder. If you have any questions, please give us a call.