Allied Clean Fuels Plaza Is Now Open — 24 Hours a Day!

Chevron fuels plaza

We are pleased and proud to announce the recent opening of our highly anticipated Allied Clean Fuels Plaza, located near our headquarters on Devlin Road and adjacent to the Napa Valley Gateway Business Park, near California Route 29.

This is no ordinary fuel plaza: When we say “clean fuels,” we’re not kidding. Our unique fuel plaza specializes in clean fuel options for all types of vehicles. The electric vehicle charging stations include a Tesla Supercharger capable of charging eight Tesla vehicles simultaneously in just 20 minutes. There is a Chevron fuel island with three grades of gasoline as well as diesel, renewable diesel (made from non-petroleum renewable resources), red diesel (heating oil) and E85 ethanol fuel blend. All the refined fuels at our plaza are available in bulk deliveries for our agricultural customers.

Customers enrolled in our fleet-fueling programs will have access to a Pacific Pride fueling station offering propane autogas, diesel, liquid natural gas and compressed natural gas.

We offer “people fuel” too: Our stylish convenience store offers plenty of basics and everyday essentials, plus tasty homemade sandwiches and soups that are a few notches above the typical rest stop fare — because no one should sacrifice quality for convenience. You’ll find a great selection of wines and cheeses, too! After all, this is Napa Valley!

We know that clean fuels are the future of vehicle fueling and we are pleased to offer all available clean fuels to both our commercial and our residential customers — all in one easy, accessible location. Our Clean Fuels Plaza is one of the first totally environmentally friendly fuel terminal malls — not just in our state, but in the country.

Please visit our plaza to see all that we have to offer. We look forward to serving you!