Cool products that are hot!

cool products

Patio Heater - Tank Monitor - TorchAs your full service home comfort company, Allied offers you a range of products to keep you cozy, save you money and enhance your lifestyle. Here are just three examples.

Use an outdoor patio heater (shown at far right) to keep your guests warm on a chilly evening while you serve some Napa Valley wine and barbecue some juicy steaks!

Light up your party with propane-fueled tiki torches (shown at top right), which can burn for 10 hours or more on your portable gas cylinder. You’ll enhance the atmosphere while eliminating the smell and residue created by oil-burning torches.

Many of our customers now have a wireless monitor on their storage tank (circled in the photo at bottom right). It’s part of a tank monitoring system that tells us when you need more fuel. You’ll never have to worry about running out again! Contact us for details about having a wireless monitor installed on your tank.

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