Ask the experts

mark twitchell

Q: Why do I need to tell you that I’ll be using my pool for the summer?

A: Some of our customers return to their homes in the Valley at different points during the year and start using their pool (and their propane pool heater). Most are on our automatic delivery schedule, which allows us to deliver fuel proactively, based on a customer’s fuel history and the weather. When automatic delivery customers suddenly start using more fuel, we have no way to track it. That’s why we ask customers to keep us in the loop if their fuel habits change. (See article about tank monitors.)

Q: Why do I need to keep the area around my tank free of weeds and debris?

A: For safety reasons. Any overgrowth of weeds and brush presents a fire hazard, especially during our dry summers. Keeping the area clear around your tank also makes it easier for our delivery driver to gain access.

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