Commercial / Industrial Propane Services

For hotels, restaurants, retail, new construction, wineries and vineyards, manufacturing processes, and many more commercial uses, Allied Propane Service provides:

Commercial and Industrial Propane Service
  • Forklift Cylinder Exchange
  • Bulk Delivery Service
  • Resale Dispensers
  • Vaporizers (Rent or Sale)
  • Vehicle Fleet Fuel Services
  • Piping Design & Installation Services
  • Trap Wagons
  • Temporary Boiler Services
  • Remediation Services
  • Construction Heating Services
  • Transport Deliveries
  • On-Site Safety and Training
  • California Contractor (Lic #15561)

Allied Propane Service offers comprehensive programs designed specifically for commercial / industrial operations.  Some of the many uses of propane power include:  motor vehicles, forklifts, generators, manufacturing processes, heat, cooking, water heating, commercial grain dryers and kilns, boilers and vaporizers, and standby systems.

Propane is a green, clean-burning, reliable energy source.  Reliability is a key factor you can count on from Allied Propane Service -- with over 40 years in business and three convenient locations in Napa, Richmond and Dixon.  Please call us to discuss your propane needs or, contact us online anytime.

Forklift Cylinder Exchange

Propane cylinder exchange is the safest and most efficient way to keep your propane forklifts running.  Contact us today to begin enjoying the benefits of being an Allied Propane Service CustomerAllied Propane Service has the largest fleet of cylinder exchange trucks in the greater Bay Area to ensure superior customer service.


Bulk Propane Delivery Service | Northern CaliforniaAllied Propane can provide bulk deliveries to any tanks with over 120-gallon capacity. Bulk and Cylinder exchange delivery services are available from each of our locations.  Please contact us for more information about this service.

propane vaporizers

Allied Propane Service provides a range of vaporizers, tanks and piping systems to fit your project needs.  Our certified service technicians are available for installation of your tank and vaporizer system.


Resale dispensers are available for installation at retail locations for propane sale direct to your customers. Please contact us to discuss your retail needs.