Agricultural Propane Services

Allied Propane Service provides propane for the agricultural needs of vineyards, orchards, farms and ranches of all sizes throughout the greater North Bay and Sacramento Valley areas.   Free On-Site Consultations are available from any of our three convenient Bay Area locations:  Napa, Richmond and Dixon.  

Agricultural Propane Services
  • Winery and Vineyard Services
  • Sustainable Weed Control
  • Frost Protection
  • Grain and Fruit Dryers
  • Boilers and Generators
  • All Tank Sizes Available
  • Forklift Cylinder Exchange
  • Bulk Delivery Service
  • Motor Vehicle Fleet Fuel Services
  • Outdoor Heating Specialists
  • Outdoor Cooking Appliances: BBQs, Grills
  • California Contractor (Lic #15561)

Nearly 80% of farms in the United States use propane, and with good reason: Propane power is a green, clean-burning, reliable and efficient energy source that growers can depend on.

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) is dedicated to educating the agriculture industry on the benefits of propane energy, and to helping develop new propane technologies for the farm.


Frost Alert Program" as a sponsor.

We are partners with you in the agricultural arena and have a clear understanding of your frost protection and winemaking needs.

Contact us to discuss our specially-designed wine industry programs, and start getting the responsive, quality delivery service you deserve.


Frost Protection for Vines and CropsAllied Propane Service offers propane service, tanks and piping distribution systems for wind machines used in protecting vines and other crops from sudden, damaging cold.

Contact us discuss our frost protection progams.






This flaming demonstration shows one of the uses of propane for organic/green vineyards to maintain weed control. In Napa, Sonoma, and all wine producing regions, the use of propane flaming has been on the rise in popularity for the past decade. We find that certified organic vineyards are using this process for controlling their weeds the organic/green way.

Power Generation

Power Generation is required in the agricultural industry for the operation of machinery and other technologies that enable farms to run as efficiently as possible.  Propane is offers both an economical and efficient green fuel well-suited to power this type of technology.