Propane Services

Allied Propane ServicesThe skilled and experienced Allied Propane staff will work with you or your contractor to ensure all custom elements are handled with precision.  Available propane services include:

  • Residential
  • New Construction
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Agricultural
  • Transport Deliveries


Your connection to Residential Propane Services

When choosing a propane dealer, you want a company that connects to you. Our people live in the same communities they serve, and they understand the needs that you have as a home propane user. Because of this knowledge and relationship, we pride ourselves on being a propane company that is a front-runner in the industry.


Whether it is temporary heat or permanent propane service that is required on your project, Allied Propane Service (APS) can meet all your propane needs.  From underground tank installation and fuel delivery to top-of-the-line customer service, Allied Propane Service is your single source for building with propane for residential, agricultural, commercial or industrial construction.  Our professionals will conduct a site survey to determine your propane storage needs, permitting, and  other important factors.  Once surveyed, we will install the necessary equipment required for your project.


Allied Propane Service has earned a reputation of proven expertise by working hand-in-hand with both commercial and industrial customers. Commercial and industrial applications that use propane are many and varied. They include Commercial Restaurants, Warehouse Heating, Laundromats, Greenhouses, Fork Lifts, and Car Washes. If your business includes any of these applications, you are a prime candidate to switch from your current fuel to dependable, reliable, cost-effective propane.

propane services for Agriculture

On the farm or at wineries, propane economically powers a number of agricultural energy needs, including frost protection for crops and vines, weed control and grain drying.  Because propane is such an energy-efficient fuel it is often used to heat hot water, barns and and other outlying structures.

Propane transport deliveries

If you have large-volume transport needs for your housing development, processing plant, grain dryers or stand-by systems, look no further -- we can help you. Contact us online 24/7 hours a day, or call your local office for more information.